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React JS Interview Questions

React JS Interview Questions

If you've been applying for a position as a React developer, you've likely already come across a handful of React JS interview questions. Although some of them may seem obvious, some...
Why use ReactJS?

Why Use ReactJS ?

If you're wondering why you should choose ReactJS over other frameworks, read on. Its key advantages include speed, ease of use, and testing. These advantages make it one of the best...
Flutter Vs Swift - What's the Difference?

Flutter Vs Swift – What’s the Difference?

If you're looking to create a mobile app, Flutter and Swift both offer a good platform for building apps. These two open source platforms are similar in cost and are suitable...
What Is AJAX?

What Is AJAX?

Ajax first made waves in 2005 with the Google Search feature. It allows users to type in a search query in the client side of a web page, and the server...
What is a Telegram Bot?

What is a Telegram Bot?

If you're looking for an easy, yet powerful way to connect with your customers, consider a Telegram bot. These bots can be customized to answer your questions, perform tasks, and upload...
Flutter Vs React Native - Which is Better?

Flutter Vs React Native – Which is Better?

So, how do you choose between Flutter and React Native? The differences between these two frameworks are vast, but here we will focus on their performance and component-based design and which...
JavaScript Build Tools 2022

JavaScript Build Tools 2022

There are many JavaScript build tools, but which are the best? This article will discuss Webpack, Parcel, Brunch, and esbuild. Hopefully, the information provided will help you make the best choice...

GreenSock Animation Platform for Web Front End

Web front end is one of the most important parts to attract audience. It is very important to have a nice and attractable front end; web interfaces; which describe the target...
Organize Loading JS Modules in Browserify Apps

Organize Loading JS Modules in Browserify Apps

Browserify has to be able to statically analyze all of the require statements at build time so it can know what files it needs to include in the bundle. That requires...
What's better between the 3, Flutter vs Kotlin vs Swift?

What’s better between the 3, Flutter vs Kotlin vs Swift?

When comparing Swift vs Kotlin, it's important to consider performance and readable code, but there are also advantages to both languages. Kotlin and Swift both have smaller lines of code, which...
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