Top Metaverse Tokens
Top Metaverse Tokens

When it comes to investing in the Metaverse, there are a few top choices that you can consider. These include Enjin, Illuvium, Gala, and Sandbox. Read on to find out what you should look for in each of these tokens. Once you have made your decision, you can start investing. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, you can try investing in Illuvium.


For investors, Illuvium is a promising new project. Although the game isn’t fully launched yet, its concept and its range of metaverse dimensions make it one of the top crypto projects of the future. It has attracted significant investment from some of the world’s largest crypto venture capital companies. The project recently announced its roadmap and outlined several major milestones that are likely to drive its price up in the near future.

One of the pioneers of pay-to-earn models in the metaverse, Axie Infinity offers rewards for in-game actions. The AXS tokens can then be used to minted unique NFTs, which users can then trade in the open marketplace for profit. The price of AXS tokens is currently around 22.7 USD and offers a compelling value proposition.

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Illuvium has launched a native ILV token in early 2021. Since then, the token has hit the public market for $68 and has climbed over 4,000%. Since then, Illuvium has gotten a huge price drop, falling as low as $600-ish. Meanwhile, SafeMoon is another promising crypto with unprecedented growth. Some even predict it will go to the moon!

The metaverse concept is still in its infancy stage, so investing in these projects isn’t guaranteed to be a good idea. However, if you’re looking for a way to diversify your portfolio, these coins may be the perfect investment option. They will offer you access to a wealth of opportunities. If you’re not sure which ones to invest in, check out our latest metaverse news.


Gala is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game platform. Players earn the GALA token for certain in-game milestones. In addition to this, they can also trade in non-fungible tokens such as collectibles. This has resulted in the GALA utility token skyrocketing as much as fifty-eight percent, surpassing the value of some of the other top metaverse projects.

Another notable token in the metaverse is Illuvium (ILV), which powers a fantasy-themed online role-playing game. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and operates as a cross-section between an open world experience and a player-vs-player battle game. The game itself is about gathering Illuvials, creatures that have the ability to form an army.

One of the biggest gains for Gala has come from the signing of a promotional agreement with Snoop Dogg. In this deal, Gala will allow gamers to purchase and sell NFTs, which are not IP-protected. The NFTs will also be used in the games themselves, increasing player activity and ensuring the currency’s utility. Currently, the platform has 1.3 million monthly active users, and more than two-thousand NFTs have been sold since the platform launched in January 2019. The most expensive NFT is worth three million dollars!

The metaverse is a digital world that combines elements of virtual reality and augmented reality. Many experts consider it the future of the internet. There are plenty of companies developing metaverse projects that could offer an enormous payout. But how can you make money from these projects? The answer lies in investing in these tokens. And there are several other ways you can get rich off the metaverse. In short, they are a great way to invest in cryptocurrency!

Sandbox is a 3D virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows its users to build games, assets, and applications. Using SAND, players can purchase online parcels of land and interact with them. Users can also stake their SAND tokens to get certain privileges within The Sandbox ecosystem. Aside from this, they can also get voting rights. And that is another way to increase their chances of success.


While there are many projects in the Metaverse, only four are currently in the sandbox. Here are the four projects that have the most promise. These projects are all built on the Ethereum blockchain. While the Metaverse projects are not strictly based on blockchain technology, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be profitable. Listed below are the top metaverse tokens currently in the sandbox.

Adidas Originals purchased a plot in the Sandbox, and they have big plans for the game, including exclusive content. The Sandbox token, SAND, is currently valued at $5.80 on Coinmarketcap. TheTA, another metaverse token, is a blockchain-based video streaming network that is supported by several big-league companies as validators. This makes it a valuable addition to the sandbox, and its value continues to climb.

MANA, or Decentraland’s native token, is an excellent investment. The platform’s accessibility and tools to create the desired spaces and artwork make it a valuable asset for players. MANA has a market cap of nearly $2.28 billion as of May, and is currently the second largest metaverse token in the sandbox. The price of MANA has fallen dramatically from early January, but is still up over 8%.

FIREPIN Token is another promising metaverse token. It uses blockchain and DeFi features to offer innovative metaverse experiences. Its value is currently rising, and its development is well underway. Its upcoming ICO is sure to be a success. But be sure to read about it first! There are many more to come this year! Just remember that Bitcoinist does not guarantee the accuracy of content. Please do your own research before investing in any project.

Axie Infinity is a popular play-to-earn game in the metaverse. Axies are digital creatures that players earn and can then trade outside the game. This is a good way to compensate for the economic problems caused by COVID-19 lockdown. However, players should remember that cryptoassets are unregulated investment products. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a reputable crypto exchange before investing in any metaverse token.


If you’re considering investing in a new metaverse token, you’ve probably heard of Enjin Coin. This Ethereum-based coin aims to make non-fungible tokens more accessible to developers and game enthusiasts. The Enjin Coin has a value correlated to its local currency, ENJ. Its scarcity principle increases the value of the token. Enjin has attracted considerable interest from investors, and recently announced the launch of a $100 million Efinity Metaverse Fund to support its continued growth.

The Enjin Coin is a crypto asset that launched in 2017. It features a global database that lets users store digital gaming products. The platform also has a mobile app that makes buying and selling NFTs convenient. It’s also one of the first metaverse tokens to list on eToro, and its launch in June 2018 sparked major upward pricing trends. Enjin is currently the 7th largest metaverse token by market cap.

Like Ethereum, Enjin is a decentralized currency. Its native token, SAND, can easily overpower Axie Infinity in terms of market capitalization. Its goal is to build a world that emphasizes the utility of value. With this goal in mind, the project has a gaming platform, independent user-generated content ecosystem, and NFT marketplace. While a decentralized cryptocurrency, Enjin has the potential to become the top metaverse token.

Sandbox is another popular metaverse token. Its primary competitor, Decentraland, was launched in mid-2020, but the Sandbox’s market cap is nearly $3 billion. With an average daily trading volume of almost $500 million, the Sandbox has seen rapid growth. While it isn’t quite as big as Decentraland, it is a highly regulated cryptocurrency and a decentralized gaming platform.

Other promising metaverse tokens include Illuvium (ILV) and Floki Inu. Illuvium (ILV) is a blockchain-based online RPG with a fantasy theme. The game works like a cross between a multiplayer battle and open world experience. Players can buy Illuvials in exchange for virtual items and use them as an army.


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