The Best WordPress Search Plugin 2022
The Best WordPress Search Plugin 2022

There are many ways to customize your WordPress search plugin. Here are five of the most popular options: FacetWP, Ivory Search, Reactive Search Pro, Toolset Search, and WP Metabox. Which one should you choose? What features do they offer? And why is each one better than the rest? Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to share your experience with these plugins! Just don’t forget to leave a comment below, and let us know which plugin is your favorite.


There are a few good WordPress search plugins, but the one we’re going to focus on in this article is FacetWP. Facets are a way to search based on content, post types, taxonomies, and custom fields. In addition to being highly customizable, FacetWP also works with popular page builders. FacetWP is simple to install, easy to use, and will drastically speed up your search results.

This plugin is paid, and it has a two-tier pricing structure. You can purchase a license for three websites for $99, or you can upgrade to a professional version for $249 if you have more than 20 sites. There’s no free trial, but it does allow you to try it out before you buy it. The downside of FacetWP is its price, which can be very high for individuals or small businesses.

FacetWP has nine basic facets, and it supports a number of add-ons, like maps UI. While it’s a premium plugin, it’s well worth the money if you need advanced search functionality on your site. For example, if you sell healthy food products, you can use FacetWP to find healthy recipes based on specific diets.

If you’re not into paying for a premium search plugin, there’s a free version of FacetWP that works well. You can also try Search & Filter, which is another premium WordPress search plugin. Both search plugins have filters similar to FacetWP. FacetWP is the best WordPress search plugin, but there are many more. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones for your site and will continue to evaluate them in the coming weeks.

Ivory Search

Ivory Search is a very popular search plugin for WordPress. This plugin integrates with WordPress’ native search and allows you to build multiple custom search forms. You can customize the settings for each form, including the search term, the number of results returned, and more. You can even use shortcodes to place the search form in your pages and posts. You can even use this plugin to build custom search forms with Ajax support. The plugin also comes with a search widget for your website.

The Ivory Search plugin is a great choice for those who are looking for a free search plugin for WordPress. It can greatly enhance the default WordPress search by enabling you to create custom search forms. You can create as many search forms as you’d like and set each one to different types of searches. You can even display different search forms in different parts of your site so visitors can access them easily.

Another excellent feature of this plugin is its ability to filter results by post type. It can search posts and pages as well as custom post types. It also supports fuzzy matching, which allows you to find specific content based on the content type. Ivory Search even integrates with WooCommerce and Polylang to give you even more customization options. There are several other benefits to Ivory Search, so read on to learn why it’s the best WordPress search plugin.

Another WordPress search plugin that you may consider is Jetpack Search. This plugin provides real-time search indexes that automatically update when content is published. It also features a spelling checker and prioritizes results based on site statistics. You can get a free trial of Ivory Search or upgrade to the paid version for $119 for lifetime access. It’s worth checking out before making a final decision.

Reactive Search Pro

If you are looking for the best WordPress search plugin, Reactive Pro is the solution for you. It features a variety of search options, including advanced search, filters, grid plug-ins, and more. It’s easy to install and extendable, with features such as a drag and drop search page builder and homepage and top line searches. It also supports multiple data types such as price, taxonomy, location, and personalized messages.

Reactive Search Pro is compatible with many third-party plugins, such as Grid Builder, WooCommerce, and WPML. It’s also user-friendly, which means even a novice can implement it without a lot of technical knowledge. While it is a premium plugin, it only costs $29, making it a great value for money. Reactive Pro can be used for multiple purposes, from general navigation to displaying a product catalog.

The premium plugin allows you to index content and search Google on your website. It includes search term synonyms and fuzzy matches. You can exclude specific contents from the search results based on their title or content. The advanced search feature lets you search for keywords within your website content, excerpts, testimonials, and comments. It’s easy to customize and can be used alongside any WordPress theme. It can also be used with WooCommerce and RedQ Reuse builder.

Relevanssi is a popular search plugin for WordPress. It replaces the default search function on your website with powerful search functionality. Relevanssi highlights search terms and gives “did you mean” suggestions. Relevanssi is compatible with modern page editors, and has both free and pro versions. If you need advanced functionality, the pro version costs $99 per year. There’s also a free version of Relevanssi.

Toolset Search

Toolset Search is an excellent search plugin for WordPress, allowing you to add dynamic sources to text, images, and other blocks. Its features include pagination and sorting, as well as dynamic content, allowing you to display dynamic results within blocks. It’s easy to use and will help you get more traffic and sales with your website. It’s also compatible with popular block plugins like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

This plugin features Google autocomplete, keyword suggestions, and sleek animation features. It is also compatible with mobile devices, ensuring responsive search results across all devices. It supports search within posts, pages, and custom post types. It also integrates with Google Analytics and offers more than 40 settings in the backend. It also comes with 8 built-in templates and a customizable color scheme. Toolset Search is a great choice for websites that want to add search functionality without compromising on website speed.

Another great feature of Toolset is its ability to build custom searches. It allows you to customize the search box and display results by price or location. The search feature also lets you display your custom search results side by side. It is easy to install and configure, making it a powerful search tool for WordPress. You can even create unlimited search forms with this plugin and use them wherever you want. This means you can build custom search forms for every area of your website.

The plugin also has multiple filters that allow you to customize search results. For example, you can set filters based on price, qualifications, or specialties. You can also add as many filters as you like – it’s up to you! And the best part? Toolset supports both grid and list views. It also lets you sort results, which is always useful. There’s no need to spend any money.

Site Search 360

The features of SiteSearch 360 are many and include full search engine customization. Its search bar is customizable and offers semantic search, instant results, autocomplete suggestions, analytics, and more. You can add multiple domains to your search bar, increasing the number of searches on your site. The plugin also supports advanced search and features such as faceted search, which lets you specify keywords and receive results based on relevance and relevancy.

The other features of this WordPress search plugin are customizable search forms. You can add search forms to any page on your website and make it look like it was built-in. It also allows you to customize search forms, making them easier for your visitors to use. It replaces the default WordPress search function. It allows you to personalize your search forms, including categories, and include content that you want to exclude. Site Search 360 is a great choice for websites that need custom search forms, but don’t want to invest in custom code.

SiteSearch360 is one of the best WordPress search plugins available. Its powerful analytics tool helps you understand search intent, which will help you organize your website better. Additionally, this plugin allows you to customize its appearance and features to match your brand identity. This means you can easily make changes without any technical knowledge. However, if you’re looking for a search bar that works well on mobile devices, SiteSearch 360 is a fantastic option.

In terms of features, this plugin is the best. It supports internationalization, so you can display search results in the language of your choice. It supports WPML and offers a variety of filters for different language versions of WordPress. The plugin is easy to install and requires minimal knowledge of coding. It also supports cache plugins, so it’s easy to customize. The plugin is easy to use, and you can try it free for 30 days to see if it’s right for your website.


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