Monday, December 11, 2023
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Free SSL Certificate By Let's-encrypt

Free SSL Certificate By Let’s Encrypt

One of the most required steps to get your website recognized is to buy SSL certificate for your domain. SSL certificate activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure...

GreenSock Animation Platform for Web Front End

Web front end is one of the most important parts to attract audience. It is very important to have a nice and attractable front end; web interfaces; which describe the target...
The Best Cache Plugin For WordPress

The Best Cache Plugin For WordPress

When it comes to caching your WordPress website, you can use one of the many plugins available. Swift Performance offers all the features you'll need, from caching to image optimization. Unlike...
How to Create a New Laravel Project

How to Create a New Laravel Project ?

If you are new to Laravel, you may be wondering how to create a new project. Luckily, there are many different ways to do so. There are also different types of...
WordPress Plugin Popup Builder

Vulnerable WordPress Plugin: WordPress Plugin Popup Builder 3.69.6

Every programmatical system; no matter what it is; has vulnerabilities. The only solution to keep your apps or websites safe, is to keep them updated and have a security firewall plugin. Recently,...
Flutter Vs React - Which Framework Should I Use?

Flutter Vs React – Which Framework Should I Use?

Developing for mobile is increasingly becoming a necessity, so the question becomes, "Which framework should I use?" This article will explore the performance differences between the two popular frameworks, how they...
Advantages of PHP Over Other Languages

Discover the Advantages of PHP Over Other Languages

PHP is a popular programming language which is supported by almost all operating systems. Therefore, you can develop a PHP based web application on any platform. It is easy to integrate...
Top 10 Web Development Technologies

Top 10 Web Development Technologies

Blockchain: The Blockchain is a decentralized system for digital assets that allows for decentralized ownership and transfer of value. It was first introduced by W Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber in...
What Is AJAX?

What Is AJAX?

Ajax first made waves in 2005 with the Google Search feature. It allows users to type in a search query in the client side of a web page, and the server...
Flutter Vs Native Performance

Flutter Vs Native Performance

While React Native offers better performance for desktop apps, Flutter provides native performance on Android and iOS. In this article, we'll compare the two popular cross-platform development tools. Flutter also costs...
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