Selecting Colors Using Color Palettes
Selecting Colors Using Color Palettes

Selecting colors palette of your website depends on the website main color. Colors are derived from the main color. Colors control how your website looks like and emotions that are put on the website. Though, it is an important factor for controlling the audience of your website and how long is the average visitor session on your website.

There are many tools for choosing the right colors palette of your website. Some of them are useful and some are not. Choosing the tool depends on your needs and your emotions. Emotions control your website colors.

In this article I chose PALETTON. It is a wonderful online tool that creates color combinations and palettes which will work together.


PALETTON origins as pretty simple online utility in 2002. Later it was named Color Schemes. It existed for several years and only a couple of people knew about it, though they liked it and used it frequently, mostly for web design. In 2009 there was a major improvement, brand new UI and new name Color Scheme Designer. This version became popular among many designers and color fans around the world. Even bigger change was in 2014, when the application was completelly rewritten, named Paletton and got a new domain

Colors Palette Using PALETTON

The major advantage of PALETTON is it’s not using the modern computer and engineering RGB color space, but it’s built on a classical artistic color wheel, applies classical color theory and works within a specially created RYB color space. Therefore the color combinations it produces are very different from those you can get in many computer graphic applications.



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