How to Check For Backlinks ?
How to Check For Backlinks ?

If you’re looking to improve the SEO of your website, one way is to check for backlinks. There are several free backlink checkers that you can use to do this, but most have limitations. To ensure you’re getting the most accurate results possible, use paid tools instead. Moz Pro and Ahrefs are both excellent choices, but they are not free. You’ll also want to pay for other tools if you’re serious about optimizing your website.

Moz Pro


If you are a newbie to link building and would like to get started building backlinks, you might want to use the Moz Link Explorer. It is free, but you need to register. This tool is massive, with millions of links to choose from. Although Moz is not a direct representation of how Google views links, it can be helpful when selecting backlink targets. However, it is a more complicated tool than Keyword Explorer.

You can test the Moz Pro by using a free trial for 30 days. This is generous given the large amount of data that you can access. But keep in mind that the free trial only lasts for seven days, which is hardly sufficient for a thorough analysis. A paid subscription is more likely to provide more detailed results, and it costs a little more money. The paid versions of the software cost $599 per month for five users. They have different price plans, too.

Another handy tool in Moz Pro is its Keyword Explorer. It is one of the best keyword research tools on the market. It includes over 40 trillion links in its database. Using this tool, you can keep track of new links, brand mentions, and other relevant metrics. These metrics are also extremely useful for content planning and keyword research. The only thing missing is its own tools for managing link outreach. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to make backlinks, Moz is worth a look.

Using Moz Pro, you can track your competitors’ page rankings. You can also see how relevant your pages are, based on organic traffic, referring domains, and traffic value. You can also track untracked keywords, as well as those of your competitors. Then, you can take action to improve your ranking and get the highest amount of organic traffic. And don’t forget to use the Ahrefs Rank Checker to track backlinks.

Moz is more affordable than Semrush, and you can also sign up for a free trial if you need to monitor more than five domains. The paid version of the app lets you filter your data and allows additional users. The premium plan allows unlimited projects. It’s also a lot more flexible than Semrush’s plans. You can also add projects to the account, which is a real plus.


A popular SEO tool, Ahrefs, recently released a new internal backlink audit feature. This feature lets you enter up to 10 competitors and receive intelligence on all of their backlinks. Not only does Ahrefs show you a competitor’s backlinks, but it will also show you whether or not they’re following your own. It is also helpful for verifying opportunities for SEO, since it will highlight which sites are linking to yours.

The Ahrefs Backlink Checker can also be used to track competitor’s backlinks and brand mentions. This feature notifies you whenever a competitor’s website is mentioned online. The tool’s crawler is faster than that of Yahoo and Bing, so you can find links from other websites faster. The Ahrefs backlink checker has numerous advanced features, including a graphical view of your backlinks by domain.

The Content Explorer is an excellent tool for narrowing down the search to a specific topic. You can narrow down the results using Boolean Operators, or you can define a date range. Advanced Search filters let you exclude certain words or websites, as well as define a date range. With Ahrefs’ Content Explorer, you can also learn how to make content that engages audiences and achieves SEO results.

The Ahrefs toolbar contains several tabs for different purposes, including the Site Explorer, which shows the most popular URLs and their backlinks. In addition, the Site Explorer provides insights into your competitor’s social and PPC data. Ahrefs has an advanced SEO toolbar and an Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. It is important to understand the limitations of Ahrefs before using it.

Ahrefs provides a complete picture of your competitors’ links, including the number of followed and nofollowed links. It can also detect spammy backlinks and identify competitors’ serial linkers. If you suspect your competitors are using negative SEO tactics, you can easily remove spammy links from their backlinks with Ahrefs’ Disavow tool. It will take you just a few clicks to add these backlinks to your own disavow file.

Open link profiler

If you’re looking for a free tool to check for backlinks, you should look into Open link profiler. This tool categorizes links according to their context, age, and subdomain. This will help you better understand the audience that your website is attracting. Additionally, you’ll be able to see what countries are linking to your site. This is great for both webmasters and online marketers.

If you’re a webmaster, you’ve probably already heard of Open Link Profiler. The tool’s free version analyzes the backlinks of your website based on 50 different quality factors. It’s easy to use, offers comprehensive information about your backlinks, and can cut down on costs for web administrators. Open link profiler analyzes every backlink on your site and lets you know its value. Once you’ve gathered as much information as possible, you can remove those that aren’t helping your SEO.

Open link profiler is an excellent tool for SEO professionals. It’s free, and it can help small agencies or freelancers analyze their backlinks. It shows recent backlinks, so it’s easy to spot those that may affect your rankings. You can even use it to check if your website has any backlinks from websites that have no content on your site. The backlinks section also includes information such as the number of backlinks, anchor text, countries, and subdomains.

Another benefit of OpenLinkProfiler is its flexibility. You can use it to analyze the backlinks of any website. All you need to do is type in the domain and open the report. Then, you’ll be shown all the links to your site that have been active in the last ninety days. OpenLinkProfiler is a great tool for beginners and experienced webmasters alike. It even has a “Help” button, which is great if you get stuck.

When choosing a plan, you should also consider the cost. Many SEO tools are expensive, so using a free tool is a great way to take advantage of their benefits without having to pay for a subscription. Open Link Profiler is a free tool that provides high-quality data on backlinks. With this tool, you’ll find both high-quality and deep information on links. You’ll also find general SEO metrics that you may not have noticed before.


There are many ways to improve your website’s SEO, including using backlink audit tools. Backlink audit tools can show you which links have been removed and which are still live. Using a tool like Semrush, you can track and report the progress of each process, including tracking spamming attempts. The service can help you identify the three main steps in the link acquisition process, and it can help you plan a backlink building campaign.

The first step to analyzing your competitors’ backlinks is to research them. Studying the backlinks of your competitors can give you fresh ideas for link-building strategy. Semrush has a backlinks Competitors report that shows the rival domains and their level of Sompetition. The tool will also reveal any common backlinks between your competitors and your website. If you want to find out how many of these backlinks are working for your competitor, you can use Semrush’s Backlink Gap Tool.

Next, SEMrush checks for backlinks to identify toxic links. It uses over 40 different markers to determine which backlinks are harmful to your website. A link with a Toxic Score of 100 indicates it is harmful. To remove these links, simply move them to a Disavow file. Then, use the Backlink Audit tool to clean up your website’s backlinks. If you find links that are toxic, you can remove them.

After connecting Google Analytics, SEMrush checks for backlinks. The tool analyzes all backlinks on a website. Then it cross-references the backlinks against a database of more than 45 different link markers. The tool can help you contact website owners and add toxic backlinks to your Disavow list. It can also help you find spammy backlinks. The Backlink Audit tool also displays Semrush Toxic backlinks. On average, 4.2% of backlinks are considered toxic.

If you’re not sure which links to keep, you can use the SEMrush Backlink Audit tool. It can help you to audit backlinks from high-quality sources. Moreover, this tool allows you to choose which links to keep or remove. The Backlink Audit tool also features a tool for disavow and remove links from sites that may not have good SEO practices. And if you want to remove a toxic link, you can always try the Semrush Toxic Backlink Checker.


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