Faster web development with HTML Builder
Faster web development with HTML Builders

Fast web development tools are very valuable. especially when they are well written and bundled with valuable plugins. Every web developer owns a list of tools which makes web development faster. Every web page has a front end and back end. Front end depends on designs and animations using HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS.

In this article, we refer to a very nice tool. It decreases the time required to make websites and it has additional features such as mail sending and meta data. It has become a part of today’s web developer tools. It is called HTML Builder.

What is HTML Builder?

HTML Builder is a fast page building tool. It is a drag & drop page builder in which you can
drag and drop elements from the elements panel to a new page. Each page builder is bundled with many unique sections, font icons, shapes, seo integration, .., etc.

Fast Web Development - Drag & Drop Sample
Drag & Drop Sample

Elements are customizable through many ways including code editing. In addition, HTML Builder is bundled with valuable plugins. Usually, you have to choose an HTML Builder that suits your needs.

Choosing HTML Builder For Fast Development

Choosing HTML Builder is based; in general; on your favorite CSS framework, website type, jQuery plugins and php plugins. Some of the HTML builders are not well studied and some of them are very good. You can determine the quality of HTML builder by the available elements and the code generated by those elements.

Types Of HTML Builders

HTML Builders comes in a variety of types which suits all your needs depending on your web development career and the target customers. Some of the HTML Builders are Windows or Mac based installations and some of them are PHP engines that should be uploaded to a server for remote use from any device.

PHP Based HTML Builders

PHP based html builders are affordable, and comes with a variety of styles for several business types and they can be used from anywhere and on any desktop when you have it uploaded on server. You can also use it on local server such as XAMPP Installation. After building pages, you can export the final code as zip file into your local machine to start backend development. You can also keep it without editing if your website is completely static.

Good PHP Builders

The following HTML Builders are based on Bootstrap CSS framework.

Cross Platform HTML Builders Software

Cross platform builders are available on multiple computer platforms such as MS Windows and Mac. They are code editors with fast building features.

Good Cross Platform Builders

The followings are good HTML Builders based on Bootstrap.

Pinegrow Development Sample
Pinegrow Development Sample


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