Top Digital Marketing Tools 2022
Top Digital Marketing Tools 2022

In addition to Google Analytics, marketers should consider using several marketing automation tools to streamline their marketing efforts. Google Analytics is our go-to analytics tool because of its affordability, ease of use, and ubiquity. Automating your marketing is the current reality. Here are 15 marketing automation tools that can automate specific tasks and save you time and money while generating more revenue. You’ll find the top digital marketing tools below.


OptiMonk is an effective lead generation tool, which will display personalized popup opt-in forms to your website visitors. This software also captures their email addresses. This tool is free to use, but paid plans start at $29 a month and increase based on page views, additional features, and support options. In addition to capturing email addresses, Privy also features a variety of targeting options, which is important for an effective email marketing campaign.

The OptiMonk conversion suite includes free opt-in popups, an all-in-one conversion suite, and flexible tools for online stores. It helps capture more email addresses, reduce cart abandonment, and boost sales by lowering cart abandonment. For small businesses, Optimonk is a great choice. Regardless of your business size, OptiMonk can help you increase sales by boosting sales and generating more leads.

OptiMonk offers over 300 popup templates, and you can easily customize them to match your website design. Popups are generally regarded as a negative, but OptiMonk’s multiple triggers allow you to avoid over-crowding your visitors and ensure they’re reading personalized content. The popups can be as small as one to three lines or as large as a full page.

The OptiMonk popup tool is a powerful retargeting tool. This tool uses exit-intent technology to display a special offer to visitors as they exit your website. These popups are proven to convert visitors into customers. However, the tool is expensive and may not be affordable for small businesses. And if you’re not a code-savvy web developer, OptiMonk isn’t the right choice for you.


As one of the leading digital marketing tools on the market, Marketo combines email and lead management with analytics to provide an all-in-one solution. Its powerful features include marketing automation, channel integration, and tools for growing better buyer journeys. You can also integrate it with social media and publish content on it. It also provides custom reporting and synchronises with many popular marketing software and cloud platforms.

The suite includes multiple features and can be difficult to navigate, which makes it difficult to find what you need. Marketo has separated its features into specialized apps so users can easily find what they need. It lets you track and measure campaigns across channels and engage customers in minutes. You can also prove the impact of your advertising campaigns with marketing analytics and Content AI. In addition, Marketo has integrations with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, which improves the overall quality of customer interactions.

Marketing automation is a major part of Marketo, and its feature set covers all channels. It can manage everything from email campaigns to digital advertising to social media and account-based marketing. Marketo also includes excellent tools for sales teams, orchestrating personalized experiences across channels, delivering personalized content, and measuring business impact. If you’re looking to automate your entire marketing process, Marketo may be the best choice for you.

Another feature is Engage. The software shows users advertisements that reel them in. Marketo Engage helps improve the ROI of advertising by bringing back visitors who have already visited your website once. Marketo Engage also leverages social media to learn more about your customers, acquire new customers, and engage those who have touched your brand. Engaging your audience on social media can help you reach out to your targeted audience, enabling you to build a more personal connection with them.


There are many benefits to using Unbounce as a digital marketing tool. It offers features such as multi-device page preview, conversion goals, built-in Google fonts, and direct domain publishing. The tool can also help you create a unique landing page and even integrate existing tools with it. With an API, you can even create your own integrations and integrate Unbounce with other tools.

Among the most prominent features of Unbounce include its drag-and-drop builder, Conversion Intelligence Platform, and email marketing tools. Users can easily create attractive campaigns with just a few clicks, as Unbounce’s drag-and-drop builder allows them to do so. The drag-and-drop editor also gives users access to “Smart Copy” to write copy and insights into traffic.

With Unbounce, you can easily create landing pages, email newsletters, sales pages, and opt-in forms. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize each page in a matter of minutes. The tool is similar to MailChimp and ConstantContact. It offers familiar elements and tools. But there are a few differences between Unbounce and those platforms. Basically, Unbounce is not a complete CRM, but it does offer you a taste of it.

For those with limited budget, Unbounce offers a free plan. You can start with one domain and use it for ten days. Then upgrade to a paid plan with unlimited number of generations and profiles. There are two other paid plans available: the Growth and the Professional packages. The former package comes with a one-time fee, whereas the latter option is a monthly subscription with unlimited usage.

Hootsuite Analytics

While many social media management systems are free, the free version does have some limitations. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts, view the most popular images and track public engagement. You can also export your data to other platforms to present your insights to stakeholders. Hootsuite also offers integration with Brandwatch, which provides analysis of 95 million locations online and high granularity. You can track posts to understand how well they are received and even detect instances of brand logos in photos.

Hootsuite Analytics is an excellent tool for analyzing social media performance. The social media management platform automatically generates UTM parameters and provides detailed social media metrics. It also tracks earned social mentions, audience aggregates, and audience demographics. In addition to social media analytics, Hootsuite also helps brands track brand mentions. Its social media monitoring tools help you monitor your brand’s reputation on the web and identify any potential problems or opportunities.

Slack is another excellent marketing tool. Users can create and manage channels and join or leave groups as they see fit. Slack also has many integrations with other SaaS companies, making it especially useful for email drip campaigns. Several other great tools are Asana, a collaborative workflow management system with visual emphasis and project tracking. It’s also helpful for analyzing backlinks, identifying influencers, and tracking project status.

In addition to monitoring social media content, Hootsuite Analytics also tracks ROI, conversions, and public conversations. Plans begin at $29 for one user and go up to $599 for enterprise-level plans. Besides Hootsuite Analytics, you can also use Pixpa, an all-in-one website builder. This free tool allows you to build an attractive and professional website without touching code. You can sell your work or promote your work using your website without having to know how to code.


In the age of digital marketing, graphic design and social media are integral to any business’s success. Dynamic visuals such as infographics, charts, and photos are vital to communicating the brand personality and enhancing the ROI of a business. With Canva, creating dynamic visuals has never been easier! You can choose a template that best fits your brand’s image, theme, or message, and then customize it according to your own preferences.

Canva is a free tool for creating attractive, aesthetically pleasing images. You can select from over 60 million free stock images, photos, and videos, or customize a template from a library of your own. You can even export your graphic to a variety of formats and platforms, including printing. In addition to creating visual content, Canva offers a range of marketing and photography services. Creating professional graphics is one of the primary goals of any marketing strategy, and Canva can help you achieve this.

Canva is an outstanding tool for creating visual content for social media. It is particularly useful for small businesses, as it makes it easy to create attractive graphics and infographics to share with your target audience. You can upload your own photos or use stock images in Canva. By creating attractive images and graphs using Canva, you’ll be able to impress your targeted audience and increase brand awareness. You can also share your creations with colleagues or clients, so that everyone can see them and enjoy it.

Despite the fact that text-based content will always be an important part of any marketing strategy, it’s becoming increasingly important to use visuals to complement text. Visual content is more engaging for end users and makes inbound marketing campaigns more successful. Fortunately, Canva allows you to create stunning visual content without relying on design skills. Then, you can use the visuals in congruence with text to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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