The Best Looking Linux Distributions 2022
The Best Looking Linux Distributions 2022

There are many different Linux operating systems on the market today, but there’s a single desktop environment that stands out from the rest – KDE Neon. It’s open-source and developed by a Chinese company. KDE Neon is known for its clean, minimalistic design, and is a great choice for beginners and those who don’t need to use advanced features.
Let’s see the best looking Linux distributions 2022.

Feren OS

Feren OS
Feren OS

Feren OS is one of the most striking and beautiful Linux desktops available today. Its minimalist design keeps the desktop clean and out of the way, yet it is packed with features. There’s an applications menu, task manager, and system tray to make everyday tasks quick and simple. Users of any level of experience can quickly set up and begin using Feren OS.

Feren OS is an extremely powerful operating system with a strong security and stability foundation. Its appearance is very similar to the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, and it runs seamlessly on modern machines. It may be an ideal choice for anyone transitioning from Windows to Linux.

KDE Neon

If you’re looking for a desktop that combines stability and cutting-edge features, KDE Neon is the distro for you. This long-term supported (LTS) release comes with the most current KDE Community software packages. This makes it a trusted tool that keeps on giving day after day, week after week, and year after year. It’s also highly customizable, so you’ll be able to tweak the appearance of your desktop to your preferences.

The KDE Neon desktop environment has many great features, and it’s also easy to customize and use. It includes the latest Plasma version and is fully up-to-date. It comes with cutting-edge KDE software, such as Plasma, as well as Qt, the cross-platform application and graphical user interface toolkit.

Garuda Linux

Garuda is not a distro that strives to be the easiest to use or the most businesslike, but it is one of the best looking Linux distributions for people who build their own PCs or do content creation. It is colorful, approachable, and offers plenty of customization options. It has a nice GUI, and advanced users can adjust its NICE levels to suit their needs.

The Garuda Linux welcome application has a selection of useful utilities, including system cleaner, partition manager, and gaming utilities. The application also allows users to access Garuda services, including a system restore point tool. With this tool, users can easily restore their system to a stable state and apply updates. It also allows users to run diagnostic tasks.


The Manjaro operating system is based on Arch Linux and is very fast, with an intuitive installation process. It comes with a rolling release model and features like automatic hardware detection. The system is compatible with 64-bit architectures and can run various Windows applications. It also offers a minimalist version and community-supported desktop flavours.

It comes with a good selection of desktop applications, including an excellent music player, VLC player, and email client. The system also has OpenOffice and a good collection of software for office work. It also comes with a built-in hardware detection tool and a powerful kernel chooser.

There are several editions of Manjaro Linux, but the XFCE edition is recommended for beginners and advanced users. This distribution features a clean and customizable desktop, and has Xfce as its default desktop manager. It is also available in a 32-bit edition, which is recommended for intermediate users. That is why it is from the best looking Linux distributions 2022.


The Solus OS uses a desktop environment called budgie that is based on GNOME but does not have the GNOME shell. This makes it very similar to Ubuntu, which is another Linux distro. It also comes with tons of developer tools. This makes it an excellent option for Linux veterans and Windows/Mac users alike.

Although Solus is fairly new, it already has an impressive collection of free and open-source software. You can install applications from the Solus Software Center, and you have access to a wide range of Linux software. While you won’t find much commercial support, you can access a wiki with documentation, forums, a Google+ community, and an IRC channel.

The installation process for Solus is relatively simple and straightforward. You can choose to install it alongside existing files, or you can manually specify the partition where the installation will take place. This process only requires minimal knowledge of disk partitioning. So, we hope you discovered the best looking Linux distributions 2022.


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