New Social Media Apps
New Social Media Apps

If you’re interested in discovering new social media apps, you have come to the right place. We’ve listed the top four below, and will discuss the pros and cons of each. If you want to start using one of these new apps today, check out our article below! Here are our top picks: Anchor, MeetYou, Triller, and Swarm


The Anchor social media app is a great way to share audio with friends and followers. Anchor lets you record your own 2-minute soundbites and share them on other platforms. The app allows you to mark your recording with #firstwave and receive responses from other subscribers. It is designed specifically for shorter audio, such as interviews and podcasts. Anchor was incubated at the Betaworks startup accelerator in New York, and has received more than $4 million in venture funding.

For audio content, Anchor also features an audio player that lets you record conversations and add background music. You can even add music from your favorite music service. It even supports Spotify. While Soundcloud was designed for podcasters, Anchor is made specifically for spoken-word audio. For podcasters, this app offers a unique experience. If you have a passion for audio, the app makes podcasting easy. Anchor is a great way to share your voice with friends.

Anchor allows users to upload content in real time, and share it with their followers and friends, as well as other people browsing the internet. It works much like Twitter and Instagram, but instead of using text and pictures, it uses talk. This allows you to engage in conversation and give your followers another platform to share their ideas and opinions. It is a promising social media app that is receiving plenty of funding. However, if it can meet its potential, it will become a popular choice for both teenagers and adults.

While most podcast apps are built on the premise of monetizing content, Anchor does not actually generate revenue. It relies on funding from podcasters who pay for hosting and self-host their shows. In the future, the app will introduce tools for podcasters to monetize their content. Podcasters will also probably want to use Anchor for its monetization capabilities, but it will still require a percentage of that revenue. Anchor is already starting with several big names.


The MeetYou social media app was created by two high school students in New Jersey in 2005, before Facebook and Myspace were even on the scene. Its developers based in India decided to create the app so that high school students would have an easier time connecting with friends and finding new ones. However, it soon turned into something much more. It quickly gained a following of over 2 million active users, and was recently funded with $30 million.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, MeetMe is a dating app disguised as a social networking app. It allows you to find people who are nearby and exchange friend requests. Once you have exchanged emails, you can then chat with these people, view their profiles, and check out their local feed. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Here are some useful features of MeetMe. Once you’ve downloaded the app, try it for yourself!

While MeetMe is a great app for connecting with people in your area, it has some major disadvantages as well. Its default privacy settings are “Public,” which can leave your profile open to cyberbullies and pedophiles. Parents should limit their teens’ use of the social networking app while still enabling them to keep up with schoolwork and after-school activities. This social networking app can also lead to addictive behaviors if not managed properly.

As with most social networking apps, the MeetMe social media app isn’t suitable for high school students. The app is also rated for 17 and up in the Apple App Store, which means that its content isn’t appropriate for most high school students. Additionally, its 100 million users means that there is a significant risk of predators using the app. If you’re concerned about your children’s safety, you should not give your child a phone without location services enabled.


The social media app Triller is making waves. It enables brands to advertise products and services through challenges, and track user engagement through branded hashtags. Several major brands have already signed up for the service. Influencers, including singer-songwriters, are using Triller to boost their brand awareness. Boost Mobile is among the brands that have already signed up for the app. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good choice for brands.

Triller’s home page shows your video feed. You can swipe through the videos using the three tabs on the top of the screen: Followers, Music, and Social. In the following section, you can view activity from people you follow and the videos they’ve uploaded. Once you’ve chosen a video, you can engage with the content by watching and sharing it with your audience. The app’s navigation menu lets you quickly navigate between different pages, but is limited on the Home screen.

Music lovers can make their own music videos on Triller. Users can connect with artists and music content they love and follow trending challenges. If you’re passionate about dance, you can become a leader in the next dance challenge or follow the latest music video. In the meantime, you can use Triller as a platform to collaborate with the music industry and make your videos viral. It’s also easy to get started.

In addition to videos, Triller has a social aspect, enabling users to collaborate on the creation of videos. They can even set up crowdfunding features. By creating videos, creators collect Gold and Gems which are used to track how much money they have raised. With this, Triller’s platform gives influencers an extra boost in the popularity stakes. So, it’s worth checking out if you’re an upcoming influencer!


The Swarm social media app is a powerful new iOS social networking app that lets users find, connect with, and interact with other people in their vicinity. The app has generated thousands of downloads and reviews. The app uses your location data to determine which users are nearby and displays a list of people within 500 feet. You can click on their profiles to interact with them and even send free personal messages. You can also see their check-in history.

Swarm is a great social networking app, helping business owners find clients and partners. This app helps users set up spontaneous meetings, which can lead to new business partnerships and even a completed sale. The social sharing capabilities of the app are also beneficial for small businesses that may not have a social strategy. The app is available in English and Spanish, which is an advantage when trying to find new customers and clients. Swarm also allows users to connect with friends in the real world.

The app also allows users to check-in at places they frequent. Users can also add a photo and comment to their check-ins. Users can even use the app to share their memories with future generations. Similarly to Facebook, Swarm allows users to tag friends, places, and places they’re visiting with Swarm check-ins. Swarm also lets users add emoji icons and a comment. Using the app to share photos and check-ins is an easy way to keep a lifelog of what happens in your life.

The Swarm social media app has some serious privacy concerns. While Swarm broadcasts to the public by default, users can set privacy settings and only allow their friends to see their check-ins. Besides exposing your location, using Swarm to share your daily routines can be dangerous. The app is very popular and offers many benefits, but the downside is the privacy concerns it may cause. If you’re concerned about security, check-ins aren’t enough.


The Vero social networking app promises to put an end to the highlight reel mentality in social media. The app also allows users to control who can see what they share, so there’s no FOMO feeling. Despite the hype, the app has some flaws. Here are some of them:

One of the best things about Vero is its customizable interface. You can set who can see your posts and view what they say by selecting which groups they belong to. Users can also categorize their contacts by their relationship status with them. You can choose which contacts you want to see certain posts from, and you can customize their privacy settings accordingly. This way, you can share the latest news or photos with only the people you’re close to.

Another feature of Vero is its absence of advertising. It doesn’t use an algorithm to determine what to show to you. All posts are listed in reverse chronological order. Unlike other social media apps, users can control how and when they want to see what they want to see. They can also choose to post only to their friends and followers, or broadcast to anyone who wants to follow them. The app is free to download, and users don’t need to pay to post.

Another cool feature of Vero is its ability to categorize different types of content. You can share images of different sizes and shapes. Photos from the camera or gallery can also be shared. You can also add new images directly in the app. Users can add new posts and friends to their Vero account without leaving the app. Another unique feature of the app is the ability to categorize different types of content with others. The system allows users to follow different kinds of content – from movies to music.


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