How to Select the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin ?
How to Select the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin ?

If you want to set up a simple WordPress photo gallery, but also showcase portfolio items, WooCommerce products, or just the latest blog posts, there are several good options for you to choose from. This article will show you how to select the best wordpress gallery plugin for your needs. You can also find tutorials and reviews of many of the most popular photo gallery plugins for WordPress in our extensive database. All of these plugins are free to use and compatible with many WordPress themes.

Modula Image Gallery

You can add photo galleries on your site with minimal effort if you choose the right plugin, such as Modula. It comes with a few features that make it stand out, including lightbox support, lazy loading, and a built-in Gutenberg block. Besides, you can also customize the settings of your gallery. You can choose whether to upload media from your media library or upload it manually. Modula includes a shortcode for quick installation.

Modula is free and has a free version that has basic gallery features like styles and customizations. However, you can upgrade to unlock advanced features, such as lightboxes, speed optimization, and sorting and filtering. If you need more features, you can choose one of the paid options. Another popular gallery plugin for WordPress is NextGEN Gallery. It is aimed at professionals and offers a range of features to suit the needs of any photographer.

Another good WordPress gallery plugin is Envira Gallery. It offers basic gallery functionality and a customizable grid layout. You can also add borders, shadows, and margins for your images. But what makes Modula Image Gallery better? These features, plus the fact that it offers a free trial, make it worth checking out. You can even choose a freemium option if you want to use it on a limited budget.

The main advantages of Modula Gallery are its features. It comes with SEO Deeplink, which creates unique URLs for each image. It also allows users to watermark their images and password-protect them. It also has a gallery plugin called Video. It allows you to host videos on your WordPress site and from third-party platforms. Modula also has a great selection of settings for managing galleries. Its features include the ability to organize your galleries into Albums. You can even choose featured images, grid type, hover effects, and more.

Envira Gallery

The Envira Gallery plugin for WordPress is a popular image-based blogging and photo-sharing platform. It allows you to display full-sized versions of your images. You can purchase the plugin for $39.99 or get a discounted upgrade for $29. The plugin is available in free and premium versions. The free version does not include add-ons, but you can get them for free. If you upgrade to the PRO version, you will get album support, a professional gallery, and basic forum support.

The Envira Gallery plugin for WordPress comes in a free and PRO version. To install the free version, you simply need to activate the NextGEN Importer add-on in your WordPress dashboard. Once you’ve activated the add-on, you can then import your images from your computer and other supported sources. The free version of Envira Gallery also comes with a drag-and-drop builder.

The Envira Gallery subscription comes in four tiers, and all come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the plugin, you can simply request a refund after using it for two weeks. The basic package is great for beginners. It offers image protection, custom CSS, and one year of updates. However, if you’re looking for a plugin that will give you more functionality than just your photo gallery, this may be the best option for you.

The Envira Gallery plugin for WordPress is an image gallery plugin that allows you to create unlimited photo galleries. Some of its premium features include auto-watermarking and SEO-friendly image titles. You can also import Instagram images using the Envira Gallery plugin. Its drag-and-drop feature makes building a gallery a breeze. You can also upload videos through YouTube, and your visitors will love it! There is also an SEO-friendly version of Envira Gallery for WordPress that includes video support.


If you want to create a beautiful gallery on your WordPress site, FooGallery is the best option for you. While it doesn’t have heavy-duty features for photographers like eCommerce sales or client proofing, it offers plenty of other features for a high-quality gallery. You can customize the gallery settings, choose a basic template, and view it in live preview to see how your photos will look.

This WordPress gallery plugin includes filters, unlimited galleries, image protection, slideshow display, and eCommerce integration. The lite version is free, and you can also purchase the full version for $29 or less if you plan on building several websites. It offers a free 14-day trial, and it touts itself as the best gallery plugin built for WordPress. If you’re not sure whether FooGallery is right for you, check out its review and demo pages to see if this plugin fits your needs.

If you’re a beginner and don’t have any experience with galleries, FooGallery is probably not for you. The best gallery plugin should be easy to use and navigate. It should not be overly complex or difficult to customize, and it should be free of unnecessary code. Otherwise, your website may take a long time to load and distract you from your workflow. We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the best WordPress gallery plugin. Just remember to check out FooGallery’s demo and see for yourself why it’s the best.

FooGallery comes with a free version, but you can upgrade to the premium version to unlock advanced features. This means that you can use the free version for your website and try out all its features. FooGallery is also compatible with most types of themes and customizes easily. This plugin can be customized using custom CSS. For example, you can use a built-in music player.

NextGen Gallery

NextGen is a WordPress gallery plugin that enables you to add galleries to your website. It offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to set up galleries on your website. You can choose between four different layouts in the free version and over 30 in the premium version. It even has an option to show or hide your galleries based on their location. NextGEN is a great choice for those who want a simple gallery solution without the hassles of shortcodes.

The plugin includes multiple styles, a lightbox, five different gallery views, and even a Gutenberg block. You can also add watermarking to your images, use a simple lightbox effect, or use a slideshow to showcase your photos. NextGen Gallery is available for purchase at a price of $21/year for one website. However, there are some restrictions and limitations to the free version.

NextGEN Gallery is free for single-site use, while its premium extensions are priced at $79 to $139. It includes several lightbox options, is bundled with e-commerce features, and is also available as a subscription. It is a great choice for photographers and other individuals who need image management. In addition to its numerous features, NextGEN Gallery is also affordable. It also includes a weekly newsletter.

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins available. It has a robust set of extensions, including ecommerce. However, if you’re looking for a simple gallery plugin, then you can look elsewhere. Photo Gallery by 10Web is a fully responsive WordPress gallery plugin that allows you to add video and photo in the same gallery. NextGen Gallery also allows you to protect your photos.

Media Grid

If you need a WordPress gallery plugin that features high-quality defaults, the NextGEN Gallery may be the best choice for your website. Its many features make it an attractive and versatile choice for the casual user, but if you’re looking for advanced features, NextGEN might be the way to go. NextGEN Gallery comes with many advanced features that make it an excellent choice for professional use. Its default layout includes Lightbox, which is an excellent choice if you need to present a large number of pictures on your website.

This plugin offers eight different gallery layouts, including post feed. It can display images in lightbox and pop-up formats and even allow captions. You can purchase a premium version to unlock video galleries, tags, albums, and other advanced features. It’s also responsive, meaning that it works great on any device. The free version supports watermarks, making it ideal for mobile websites. It’s also free to install and configure.

The Media Grid Plugin is a powerful and user-friendly gallery plugin that allows users to build responsive grids that include various types of media. The plugin features a visual grid builder, support for WooCommerce products, and more. Each item is linked to additional information by hovering over it. Visitors can also view additional information by clicking on it. You can also show social sharing icons for each item on the grid.

The next generation of WordPress gallery plugins is the NextGen Gallery. With over 900,000 installations, NextGen Gallery is a top choice. It offers features like photo galleries, thumbnail galleries, and extended albums. The premium version even adds a mini database and dashboard to the plugin. While NextGen Gallery may be difficult to master, it is the most popular and versatile gallery plugin on the market today. The downside is that it’s harder to customize.


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